Shindagha City Centre

Shindagha City Centre

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Al Ghubaiba Rd - Dubai


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RESTAURANTS NEAR Shindagha City Centre - Dubai

Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Smoky Murgh Tandoori chicken, succulent Seekh Kabab, or a rich Murgh Butter Massala. If you’re looking for classic Indian food, served quickly without any frills, then the Shiraz Golden Restaurant is the place for you. Perfect for a quick bite to eat after your movie at VOX Shindagha!


Head to Kamat for a delicious array of vegetarian dishes, drawn from the traditions of North Indian, South Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Kamat proves that you don’t need meat for an amazing curry. Customer favourites include their filling Masala Dosa, and a thick, traditional mango Lassi.

Baskin Robbins

Cool, indulgent ice cream with more than a dozen flavours to choose from every day. But why limit yourself to just an ice cream? Baskin Robbins offer creamy, indulgent milkshakes in flavours like Mango Berry and Chocolate Fever, as well as Sundaes piled high with fruit, syrup and cream.


The Automatic Restaurant and Grill brings you healthy, hearty Lebanese cuisine in a recognisable fast food package. Alongside crispy French Fries and tender Shawarma Chicken, enjoy a side of spiced Falafel or creamy Hummus. Customers particularly love the Grilled Chicken meal with Fattoush salad.

Tim Hortons

Unwind with a freshly brewed Americano, cool yourself down with an Iced Cappuccino or indulge in a Double Fudge Mocha topped with whipped cream. Tim Hortons offers a classic relaxed café experience with great coffee and a variety of tasty wraps, buns and toasted paninis near VOX Cinemas Shindagha.

OTHER ATTRACTIONS NEAR Shindagha City Centre - Dubai

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Built in 1906 along the bank of Dubai Creek, the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the home of the ruling family until 1958. The house itself is a stunning piece of Arab architecture and now serves as a museum, filled with exhibits on the history of Dubai.

Hindi Lane

The ageing shrine on Hindi lane was, for years, the centre of worship for UAE’s 3 million Hindus and a vibrant, colourful community grew up around it. The lane itself is always lined with vendors, selling fresh fruit, flower garlands, holy images, incense and all sorts of beautiful things.

Dubai Museum

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Dubai before it into the vibrant modern metropolis that it is today? The Dubai Museum features elaborate, life-sized dioramas that show everything from traditional Arab houses to traders on the Creek, as well as natural scenes of local wildlife.

Saruq Al Hadid Archaeology Museum

The people of Dubai have lived along the Dubai Creek since the Iron Age, and many of the mysteries of that era can be unlocked in the Saruq Al Hadid Archaeology Museum. Filled with a rich collection of treasures, the museum offers a fascinating window into Dubai’s past, located not too far from Shindagha City Centre.

Meena Bazaar

Regularly listed as one of the best shopping places in Dubai, Meena Bazaar is a lovely alternative to the enormous malls that dominate much of Dubai retail. Drop into this local market, famous for its textiles, Indian spices, furniture, jewellery and watches. You’ll find clothes from your favourite fashion houses, too.

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